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get across because those people can use that and can get a lot of press, even though they have a very small following in the united states. while you can talk about the first amendment, you need to explain that these are not mainstream people, that what they are saying is not something that a lot of americans are people -- picking up more americans feel. certain ones do. the best defense is to be as open as you can about it, try to explain it, and in some ways that the message fall flat for the united states and say what effect does this have on what we do? often the proof is it has very little effect on us. but we are constantly dealing with those guys. it is troublesome. but we have to explain this is our society and how we do it, but look at the results. >> do they throw back at us the same thing of all the people who are nursing terrorism, you throw -- throw us all in the same basket? >> yes, we hear constantly how varied muslims are, and in the field you appreciate that. muslims are like you and me. they just want a middle-class life, get their kids educated and all that. a lot o
think it is useful but not absolutely essential to the overall relationship. just getting the team together on the american side, which hampered its first few months, but i would not myself think that this was critical to the issue of inking forward. i think that has to be done to some degree by the prime minister and the president. they have little time together, so it is very much something that needs to be included in the regular meetings at the foreign secretary level and then at the theor official level, like political director and others in the foreign office. you have this overview of the overall relationship. >> well, that takes me rather neatly onto my next point, which is that sometimes we make a mistake in this country in seeing american foreign-policy as being monolithic, because you have a number of sources. you have got the white house, that you mentioned. you have got the state department. you have got the senate, the foreign relations committee. c, and youot the ns have got the pentagon. do you think that we have difficulty here in formulating policy when there are
it is mostly thank you very much for joining us. we begin with the news that iran and six world powers managed to clinch a deal in any of the sunday morning which will see it around. in exchange for the relaxation of such sanctions. us president barack obama says the agreement talks all towards developing nuclear weapons. the results in the creation of a more stable secure a middle east. the us second stage on kerry to is hating the deal with iran. he is called today that there's plenty more work still to be done us a contest. now really hard part begins. that is the effort to get a comprehensive agreement which rule of law are enormous steps. in terms of verification transparency and accountability. don't carry that speaking alongside william hague the british foreign secretary in london white house's official wanna give the president to barack obama has spoken to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about that deal with it the wrong of course israel had forced a considerable concerns about six months to more analysis now all those talks in geneva which await a bite of the bomb on me
-- for illegal uses. that can include outright fraud at best or it can include -- the u.s. house has the very strict used than what it was appropriated for by congress. violation of that can entail civil and criminal penalties. because the accounting is so opaque, it is impossible to tell whether there are anti- deficiency act violations and perhaps whether they are even widespread. that perhaps is a reason over the long haul that there has been resistance tearing up the accounting, because often it is experience -- it is expedient when money is needed to finish revamping a helicopter or installing something on a ship, they just can't immediately take money from the wrong account -- they just immediately take money from the wrong account and spend it on that. host: one of the key quotes in your piece is by then secretary of defense robert gates -- "my staff and i learned that it was nearly impossible to get accurate information to questions such as much money did you spend and how many people do you have." secretary robert gates in 2011. a c-span democrat on twitter asks, "is the
news i'm at lamar biking. or was stored for use in the next hour with us thousands of anti government protesters have marched through the tiny capital demanding the resignation of prime minister being optional off the price has come a day off a massive demonstrations that were the longest in thailand since deadly political andreas swept the country in twenty ten protests have also spread to government offices military bases and state television channels. a few dozen protest is not just a few thousand protest is about more than a thousand now have reportedly pushed their way into the finance ministry building and the rallies will rise by the opposition democrat party which has been leading an anti government movement since the early this month they would trigger adopted the government backed an amnesty bill that would've led to the return of the prime minister's brother the ousted former leader talks in china last one up and facing jail time for corruption sentence handed down in two thousand a night meanwhile branch of government supporters gathered in a stadium at the offices and all
america. i'm del walters. check us out 24 hours a day on if you were holding outz. hope that bipartisanship still had aerolite to play, you can give up. today the democratic leader harry reid launched the so called nuclear option and removed the minorities ability to exercise what little power it had left, to block president obama's judicial nominees. frustrated with the g.o.p.'s long list of obstructive judges and agency heads, the move by the democrats upended 225 years of senate history, and significantly alters the day-to-day operation of the upper chamber. we'll talk about it all on this edition of "inside story." but fist this background. >> the american people believe congress is broken. the american people believe the senate is broken. and i believe the american people are right. at the start of the session, harry reid made history, and called for a rule change that would allow an up or down vote or judicial nominations and executive decisions. >> the change would ensure nominations and up or down vote, on confirmation. yes, no. the rule change will ma
of us will want to -- in this season of her members we will always remember their service to our country. >> hear your. >> mr. speaker, in piece across the house will have memories of the nightmare unfolding across the bank. does the prime minister share my sense of his belief that a person such as -- responsible as he was for large sums of our constituents money was ever appointed to position of chairman? working out to to find out how on earth that happen? >> my honorable friend makes an important point. constituents across the house will have people who hold co-op bonds are very weird about what will happen to their investment but let me be clear, the first priority is to safeguard this bank and to make sure it's safeguard without using taxpayers money. that must be the priority. my right honorable friend the chancellor will be discussing with the regulators what is the appropriate form of inquiry to get to the bottom of what went wrong. but there are clearly a lot of questions that have to be answered. why was he suitable to be chairman of a bank? why we're not alarm bells rung earli
themselves. if you can help yourself you take a load off of us. yourself, your neighbors a few hours after, we know that [inaudible] activated a few times for y 2 k after 911 we had people. the [inaudible] has not know tried yet if you go there after a disaster you will be by yourself. a few hours after, that's when people form and that's when they help out. >> this is the home work. you don't have to write it down it's in the manual. simple things for your home. hazardous conditions in our house. there is a course evaluation in the back of the book. i'm rob [laughter]. >> okay. let's get into the program today is utility control and fire hazard material. we will teaching how to turn your utility's off and what hazardous materials to look for. >> the first thing is natural gas. what do you know about natural gas? flammable. it goes, boom. it's important to shut this off. we use it for cooking, eating and hot water. there were 40,000 people that called pg and e about their gas. that means they call turned off their gas? did they need to do that? when do you have to? when ther
to be with us and here is some of the countries will be taking a closer look at today brahms the red cap revolutionaries pretend. xp and the red on the so called legacy. and presents the confidence of it is under the knights. it was like to start in the chase entrance all along to a recent poll says that he's the least popular french president in almost sixty years. the economy is in recess and one in ten friends and have a child and rating agencies and brussels regularly that paris is not cool. government tax plans that raised the hackles of this form of support is in brittany. these are revolutionary re cap. she is already a nice honey. two weeks with his fondness for meat fish factory have been protesting use and pleasure off to use the service they suddenly faced a bleak prospect of redundancy. a seaport city twelve was a disaster for this week in the center of prickly. we've already lost a lot of food factories and because this one too. the whole area will collapse the people that want to eat the ice tea. these customers wanted these two hundred but considering harvest. although it'
i i i i i i grew ceasing and cataloguing the new subject from a mental cultivation. one house to use i'm an almost and counting themselves was the news. it was discovered supporters late. newmont with the chinese character full traditional and placed in a truck. i know i i. i know. he says. palace museum in taipei has opened to visitors as usual. among the blisters students from various middle and high schools in taiwan may make the atmosphere inside likely than it was on wednesday. the admission fee from those whose entire thing is one hundred and sixty new taiwan dollars. but stevens angels' top and the copeland about twenty one renminbi schools can take museum in boston we can arrange for the students and stopped in to the museum free time. in salon visits by students to the palace museum in taipei are accounted as the contestants will cause of any school that speaks to curricular program. the pond when two goals known the early days of museum the mission think the families was even cheaper than it is today . the no one has an idea. cheney on the dining hall we sink into the shoot
with the u.s. and other world powers. the six-month interim agreement will limit iran's nuclear program. in return, the sanctions on iran will be eased. many question if this deal could actually work. mark has the latest. >> the united states and other world powers reached an agreement with iran on its nuclear problem sunday. president obama says the six- month accord is an important first step toward a comprehensive solution. >> today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> iran agreed to curb its nuclear activities while crippling sanctions are eased. nothe iranian nation does seek nuclear weapons. >> in congress, there is concern on both sides of the aisle that this deal could by iran more time to develop a nuclear weapon. >> we are concerned as to whether iran will give up -- live up to these commitments. >> we trusted the iranians before just like the north koreans on nuclear issues. what have we gotten for it? hide theirue to develo
of the commissioners who should join us here real soon, my president announcements, many thanks to the dbi staffers joseph chan, and perez and ron dicks who represented the department at the annual china town resource fair on saturday, november 2, there was an excellent turn out and many questions about dbi process was responded to by the dbi staff there. and so thank you. >> thank you to senior building inspection joe duffy of inspection services who received a thank you letter from customer shirley, and presenting himself in a professional manner, so well done joe. so a big thank you to the record management staff who received a letter, from (inaudible) commanding them, and commending them for the great customer service skills and a job well done, kutos to the record management staff who received a thank you letter from wo slin and forgive me for not pronouncing the names for the customer service, acknowledging that the entire staff under the leader hip of herera and including benji and maggie and simpson, and valesia and deron also included in that. thank you. and we will hear more details later
used to make a significant part of their business in iran and had up to a 40% share in that country. that is, indeed, very good news for the french car maker. i'm not sure that's the positive market change today reflecting the possible departure of the current ceo. it's reflecting the fact that the negotiations with dong phen are going on. they are likely to enrich the deal. they have requested a management reshuffle as part of the deal. also the ceo is facing increasing pressure from the peugot family. there's no question that the peugot family wants a change. the former chief operating officer of rono is about to join them. he could be the first in line to become the first in line to be the ceo of the company. now as part of the plan the risk part of the package for peugot would involve 4 billion capital. 3 billion from dongfeng and from the french state. all of this has not been officially confirmed yet. >> stefan, thanks for that. that's the latest out of france from the automakers. >>> take a look at where we are with bond rates. we actually saw a fall. on that 2.75% yield is w
to him by lenders and borrowers did not violate the central government that interest rate us. any violations because individual bars the time between ten and fifteen kg out the wet or sticky hundred eight thousand two hundred us dollars. hard to be fined between five thousand fifty thousand dollars for the lack of timber windows to the government planned to get the laundry killing forty percent per year. it appeared to be on provincial government to approve the proposal. next the national daily the book that did not sell for cheap right. great granny night the chinese not like you did that but you'd be called the most expensive dry for in china. laughter is sold for over six hundred yuan per kilogram for a forty five us dollars per pound. recently approved until i looked like i was told to come to the capital city of coffee from china's jiang province the price to korea this year declined eighteen dollars per pound. the red tree species to the other one the few major production areas for chinese number you. every year only nine hundred tonnes of produce and tuesday off because of
who picks the hawk on the netbook has depicted some of the most use in attacks against us forces in afghanistan. she financed all the girly bonding on the next book militant group has been shot dead in the pot this time the captain of a strong hamas militant sources told reuters. one source said received a big gaudy skilled snowball. what's something that caught with its two other unidentified people. so said the body had been to what's in stock. consult with exactly that in two days it would be nice to be considered. some boats stopped on sunday the base of the market based on the top gong. this is to what system that is an unidentified man was shot dead two men on the site. as he plucked out of the weekend and will be installed. was it built on the eye. somewhere so i don't think you think is the a i did a tiny creepy. nobody was allowed to live on the third in the nato summit. for school setting where the ladies. just about as a community or typos but maybe it varies a bit empty but many. what's in the guardian a potent offense. this will tie this but maybe at the weekend abo
chapman. >> linda chapman speaking first, as a member of the land use committee. this week at the meeting there was an unanimous vote to repel the larkin. the land use chair made a remark about the fiscal sponsor. a cry went out like a spontaneous cry of disgust because neighborhood associations don't do this and this is the end of our land use process. instead of macro decisions on sequa it's based on who put out their hand and accepted money and said it's for community benefit, you know. actually a representative from the mta very eloquently said after that, the unanimous vote was taken to oppose the vote. now i want to say that is rather disappointing and there's a reason for that. when you decide that you're going to pay attention to some little group rather than the community at large you crush the public process. in that district of chinese project owners the wonsz ones who are reached are reached by the 3 china's properties that are involved in that. and after the decision, you know, one can't even be contacted who was the one who was talking to her neighborhood. in the case of 11
they declared an air defense zone over islands controlled by japan. >>> some u.s. lawmakers are skeptical about a deal to limit iran's nuclear program, saying sanctions should not be eased. >>> the new u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, is touring areas affected by the 2011 disaster, saying her country will continue to offer support. >>> chinese officials find themselves at the center of a diplomatic dispute. over the weekend, they announced that they'd set up an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. that drew immediate criticism from japan, south korea, and the u.s. and now the chinese are criticizing the americans for how they've reacted. the zone includes air space over the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands, china and taiwan claim them. in terms of international law, japanese officials launched a protest and u.s. officials said they were deeply concerned. now china's foreign ministry has released a statement criticizing the americans for taking sides. the document urged them to stop making irresponsible remarks. the document says the chinese launched a p
. and they are using a new piece of technology that is follow; is thasharks under water to revolutionize the way we are looking at science. let's take a look at it. this is catalina island. 27 miles off the coast of los angeles. a place known for it's beauty both above and below the ocean that surrounds it. most of the dish that call these waters home go relatively unnoticed. but one spic species is impossio miss. leopard sharks. hundredses of them. >> if you are the director of the shark lab and you are trying to revolutionize the way sharks had studde studied it's not a bad way to set up shop. chris lowe is the director of calcal state long beach's shark lab. getting to know him and his work is getting your feet wet. obviously here a day at the office is a diffe different attd a different look at the world. >> it takes a few moments under the water to understand chris' passion for the othe ocean and e sharks he study:whe : >> when i caught my first shark there was something about it. it looked so different from all of the other fish i caught and it looked so streamline and sleek. it didn't match
will curtail it's uranium enrichment program. in exchange the u.s. will release $7 billion worth of frozen assets. secretary kerry said any deal is fragile, and iran must keep up its end of the bargain. >> this is not going to change overnight. we have a long building process to engage in here. we need to put to test iran's words and intentions without any cobwebs, without any false assumptions, without any illusions. this is a hard road. >> reporter: top temperature low mats flew to geneva to say what appear to be stalled talks. the p 5 plus one. that's six world powers including the united states, france, britain, germany, china and russia agree that iran will temporarily leave uranium enrichment to above 5%, permit daily monitoring by international inspectors, halt construction of the iraq heavy water reactor. iran's new president a hassan rouhani, welcome the agreement and say he saw it as an affirmation as the country's right to enrich uranium. >> iran will continue it's enrichment. therefore i announce to the people of iran that enrichment will continue in the same way as bef
the currency's gone up that does so it's up to us putting pressure on iraq while kyle was finally forced to recognize iran does have a right to enrichment. this is something to be proud of any radiant. israel has denounced the team as a historic mistake. instead they need a new tv on whose condemnation prompted immediate reassurances from us president barack obama the promise of having a shed go in preventing iran from obtaining a new keel weapon well the dough into a cold sixteen syria is having a catastrophic effect on children. that's according to reports its use by the london based oxford research group he claims that more than eleven thousand to delight in the country's civil war was typing being killed by a home store shelves. but the think tank also says at the seven hundred would execute it the four hundred killed by sniper fire and called it one hundred including infants have been told to it. and the killing has sold over the weekend is full i seem to the east of damascus is said to have killed more than a hundred and sixty people syrian rebels are struggling to break a six mont
for services. i want to do a quick recommendation to the district director at the ymca who helped us to make this opportunity to him come to reality. our home grand opening december 5th. it's a wonderful gift for me to work with the china town in san francisco neighborhoods to have this incredible staff you see behind us and painter with their kids who have been part of the yee family and who continue to provide excellent services for the families and children of san francisco. so thank you very much. (clapping.) >> thank you to weighing our next recognition will be from supervisor mar. >> i want to say i'm proud to say i have a couple teachers that have taught me about healthy living and eating it's my honor with supervisor cowen to honor them today. the food guardian from the food access group in the bayview neighborhood and the two a couple of of their leader i'd like to ask them to come forward. i'm sorry you waited over an hour but with all humility their inspiring to the whole neighborhood from the tenderloin the healthy store coalition with us. the food guardian project is an educat
by china and taiwan china's defense ministry said in a team matches including the use of force would be taken if the cop lying in the sound did not obey the country's instructions. the start of the porches on sunday that such a unilateral act is full of danger in custody to an unexpected situation did you it is still set by jury to conclude the same car cool items which are inherently japanese territory. this new development is one that we cannot accept what he needed to be so congress. just us at the ministry's asian affairs unit chief town to protest that i announce it today. he said the ministry is considering launching another contest by higher your ranking japanese officials the japanese company maintains that the center line and historically been known to japan in accordance with international. here is the sense that no sovereignty she has begun jean pierre and it is. top us officials have expressed strong consent of a tennis is now spends eight called on chinese state is to exercise caution and restraint. it depends how people send in turn as you know i'm too cool not in any w
houses is a growing movement here in the u.s. where people are trading in big to live small. one, the tiny house movement has hundreds of members, and one community said it's a very charmer concept and they learn more about it, and the reality starts to sink in. >> this is not a new phenomenon. this is a 1920s house on wheels. and check this out, this is a washington d.c. 140-foot square-foot house. and looking cheesy there, but our community says: >> >> well, you have a lot of truck? >> but where's the bathroom? >> we're going to find out. since 1970, the average house size has doubled remains but for some, bigger is not better. >> i guess that the aspect of a small house is freedom. the world gets a lot bigger when you're living small because i can afford to do a lot more things in terms of cash and time. the whole world is now my living room. >> the living small movement doesn't stop at tiny houses. microapartments are popping up in many areas from seattle to new york city. but concerns over zoning. downsizing, is the american dream changing with the idea that less is more?
're happy you joined us for a town hall with mayor ed lee with the obama administration on the action on immigration founded here just a few blocks away. that what matters is we have a mare that understands the issues a nearest and dear it to us and that's immigration reform. since it's inception we've gotten over 20 visas alone and the feeling is we have a shortage on green talent when we need to go through the steps we need to go through and for the tech community we're focused on opening up our technical school to the global community. we're in a talent war along with a state war on services gov. and anything we can help to create change here means so much to us. we have the mayor who can creative impact so we stand behind mayor ed lee and we're thrilled he's here. i'm so excited to here what he is has to say. thank you (clapping) >> julia and kevin a thank you for being subpoena great community leaders were we're going to have a robust town meeting this is being live for my radio program. we like to let people know in advance. i'm going to ask a few questions then we're going to
of god with it and it got me a problem and of the shiite most men's fashion and then sets to love us now united nations report indicates that the thoughtful concocted nation has hit the record high as international force is effectively the country with this and that profits will go to was not still keen for pollard a candidate for president election next year article go to shul for the dubious go for opium and in the gun the stunt is higher than ever. according to a new report with the un office on drugs and crime the two thousand to thirteen he is. then he has witnessed an awesome record opium cooper basin in the sky and stomped on nine thousand texas. as the year of the pirate jokes. reportedly instructed such as high opium prices and the lack of gumbo to go to to tackle the problem. a big shock to explode say is good since the trilogy of foreign troops pulled back ahead of next year's control. as the one stall off because of its overt areas of production the cia to visit with them putting them into balls and into a whim i can say is the ward has a choice to make who needs to make show
signed in geneva. joining me deputy security adviser. thank you for being with us today. tell me about back channel talks. they were done without most of our allies knowing, certainly without israel knowing and saudis. what was the reason for these secret negotiations? >> andrea, we've said all along that we would welcome opportunities to have direct contact with iran. over the years whether it's at the united nations through ambassador and other conversations. we said we prepared to have bilateral discussions. any contacts we had did not turn into anything that amounted to negotiations or discussions in substance until the last couple of months. we made it very clear to our partners in europe and the p5 plus 1 as well as israel that if at any point any contacts we had with iran actually turned into substantive discussions and/or negotiations they would be fully informed. indeed that's exactly what happened. all of this was done in the context of the p5 plus 1. >> doesn't that at any rate with israel make it harder for israel and the united states to have a relationship of trust when w
evening and thank you for joining us. a mystery in santa rosa tonight where police are trying to determine what happened to a boy found barely alive. now thank you for joining us. a 15-year-old boy was found bleeding and unconscious at montgomery high school, local high school. police tonight are trying to figure out what happened and think his injuries could be linked to a dangerous sport. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the school. cornell? >> reporter: the teen's name has not been released. he's at children's hospital in oakland fighting for his life. he was found here at montgomery high school laying outside of the gym. police wonder if he was playing an extreme sport on the roof. santa rosa police officers are talking to possible witnesses and looking for any evidence at the spot where a 15-year-old boy was found unconscious with severe head trauma. near the gym on the campus of montgomery high school. >> we're not sure what happened. if it was that he was the victim of felonious assault or if it was just an accident where he fell off the roof here while playing up on t
roof top gardens we should expand that and promote that. because those things truly do heal us. thank you. >> next speaker. >> supervisor campos and members of the community, (inaudible) i am the resource center of san francisco and first i want to thank everyone who brought this issue to the forefront and the people that work so hard on this task force, include the ability is really a civil right and it really effects our people that we serve in the independent resource center and i wanted to mention a couple of points. one is the prohibition against the people that receive ssa, from receiving the food stamps and really impacts the seniors and the people with disabilities, disproportionally, it is a major issue that really needs to be addressed and i hope is that through this process, san francisco can start to take steps to address this very important issue. i also want to say that many years ago, i have first hand experience with having the difficulty getting food, i was on ssi and so, this was many years ago but i have and i carry with me the memories of how difficult it was just
is said to be released. it may provide answers into one of the worst shootings in u.s. history. >>> hello, you're watching al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. there is sharp disagreement around the world after the parties strike a deal to slow iranian's nuclear program. iran and u.s. are pleased, but prime minister benyamin netanyahu is furious. >> this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. i know that many share the concern of israel, especially in the region. and there is a reason for this. for years the international community has demanded that iran cease all uranium enrichment. now, for the first time, the international community has formally consented that iran continue its enrichments of uranium. >> the accord calls for iran to destroy uranium that could be further enriched to make a nuclear weapons. it gives them 6 months to negotiate a deal. hundreds of iranian reporters greeted the foreign minister at the tehran airport dash -- - calling him the ambassador of piece. libby casey has more from washington. >> news had a mixed reaction, that iran would see it as
all of us from the bigger story. we're talking about obamacare and a fresh round of problems on this monday morning. >> here we go again. the music world gets political. >> i want to acknowledge trayvon martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling. >> all right. that's fascinating. that's not all. katy perry sparking some outrage for an offensive outfit which i believe is japanese-thaoepld according to people in the studio. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> live from studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan where i look outside and it currently is 23 degrees. >> right. who did you look for maria or did you look at the sign? >> i looked at the sign across the street at the bank. >> those are the most accurate. the banks are. we actually were outside yesterday at soccer playing for two hours. they get old enough, it's not considered bad parenting anymore. they pretty much make their own decisions. >> especially if you're out there with them. >> i can still hear the wind in my head. the win
of all abilities so it's something we use daily whether we know it or not whether we're checking a text message on our phones or looking at a map with gpa these can all help us in our daily lives. real quick i thought i'd put up some examples. so we have in the top left corner clip art i love clip art, of a woman who's using a wheelchair that has an adaptable ramp mechanic al ramp that folds out and this ramp can also as the driver herself so she can drive the car herself and be allowed greater independence in her community. i have an ipad to kind of showcase what it means whether when you have technology that's becoming more interactive such as tablets real quick i'm going to go ahead and put on one app today from an ipad -- thank you so much so we have here an application called proloquo to go thank you again to the asl interpreters to help me out i'm speaking fast i'll try to slow down. so basically we have a communication board that's been is shown here kind of virtual ly which allows a person with a cognitive ability the independence to communicate their needs better and this on
you, mike. the president just minutes ago talking about the deal with iran. he says the u.s. cannot close the door to democracy and commit to an endless cycle of conflict. he is in san francisco pushing for immigration reform. also, fox news confirmed that the white house had secret talks for had months before reaching this deal over the weekend over the nuclear program. according to the senior state department official they held at least five meetings since march. they lead to the agreement with iran which the u.s. and five other countries signed. under the deal, iran agrees to a six month pause in it's nuclear program in exchange of about $7 billion in relief from financial restrictions. they will work next year to make sure that iraq does not develop a nuclear weapon. as john kerry points out, enforcing the deal is more challenging than reaching it. >> now the hard part begins. >> there are many skeptics, among them is benjamin netanyahu. he says it brings them closer to developing a nuclear weapon. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement, it's a hi
is a prosecution against ventilation so the realizing i ellis give us extent tenancy. so but those for the purpose nevertheless, suffer from a disability and need preference so as long as those people get it for 10 years and are indicate tropical ill to get it that's fine but to be disabled to the point you can't work and suffer from life-threatening illnesses that max makes you indicating trop tropicly ill and nate's that's why the time period is shortened to 10 years. i want to make sure people still get the preference >> just so i understand things clearly all the folks for 10 years for individuals who have been suffering from a life-threatening illnesses as a physician says to add another thing the 5 year look back would occur for folks suffering a life-threatening illness or under the mission code so it's more inclusive not less. >> any other feedback. gentleman. >> i think this is what steve was getting at. i would suggest using the language of the debt in the ellis act. the distinction in the oilsz lapsing is 15 years ago a walkness of all the distinctions if this made senses to use ellis
check check check >> hello welcome to al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz live in new york. >> u.s. defend the iran nuclear agreement. president obama tries to calm israel after their prime minister calls a mistake. >>> polls close in honduras - right now a tight race with no winner. >> afghan president refuses to give his okay to the elders agreement to keep american sold yours through. >>> and a storm pushing through the east coast of america. >> the world's reaction to the iran nuclear deal is mixed - from distrust in congress to l kel -- celebrations in iran. hundreds of cheering supporters welcomed home the foreign minister, calling him the ambassador of peace. libby casey joins us from washington d.c. with the latest. what's the reaction been like on capitol hill. >> just as it has been globally. it's mixed with vocal critics voicing concerns that iran would see this as a loosening of sanctions, without making sacrifices and would take advantage of this moment. those supporting president obama, and the diplomatic efforts say it's a landmark moment that had to be reached. th
us as well. we're going to do this a little different because it's a joint subcommittee hearing i will chair the first panel and the senator will chair the second. the uses of virtual currencies have proliferated in recent years. my hope for this hearing is to educate the senate members and others and start the education of the public about virtual currencies, including the potential and drawbacks. i also hope to explore how regulators are keeping up with this technological innovation to protect consumers. i've got a full statement here but i actually have to acknowledge that i've been following this development of bit coins for the last two months. i would think i'm only starting to wrap my head around the potential upside, downside, regulatory issues, monetary policy issues, taxation issues, consumer protection issues that this innovation represents. rather than going through my whole thing, i'll point out to the witnesses that back in 1982 i had the opportunity to get engaged in a new industry at that point that was on the cutting edge of an industry called cyber telephones. al
. i will show you 3 meeting to give you an idea of what we're looking at. this is not changing the use but to have will music. the hotel went through a $7 million rams and we're trying to get more guest and have to control any noise or 10u7bd issues it would upset our aprons so that would be detrimental to our own business. i have some photos to show you real quick. this is the exterior from the building its from 18929 believe. ? one of our smaller building on the 16th floor this is from the exterior of the will building and this is our event space on the 16 floor this is the 3 meeting we're considering. i worked with david and partnered with him and making sure we reached out to the local entity and i've got letters from the nearby hotel the cliff hotel from across the street and another hotel in the same block and the california hotel that's on the other side of the 16th and jones a local market across the street and also the apartment that are the closest to us across the parking lot. and approve from everybody and the support. so with david reaching out i at the end obtain november
as military police department buildings. former prime minister. i want to you can use these much needed time we're stepping up their campaign to remove the taxi receipt. into this crap come from. first you want to be huge political gamble. she forced into a steep hill through the lower house of parliament that could lead to tax the party fox was overthrown by the military in two thousand and six and the country in two thousand and eight. he was convicted of corruption would face jail if he returns critics of the docks at least eagles. the wait for her brother to come home what is going green the protesters. and so on rain is expected to approve and as you go. but alarmed by the end brands under the tree can be unanimously rejected the treaty the boat and anti toxin forces raised us. call for the overthrow of the cup longtime political confrontation. he has told voters supported by accident and sister. prime minister after party won elections in two thousand and eleven. both teams have benefited farmers will carry its most controversial issues. my inflated prices urban voters to keep your way
it done. a year of us trying to improve the space we're not trying to change the housing in our building just to renovate our office space. but so far over the year i feel liquor we're on square one. i hope you take into account when you look at changing did permits that it didn't effect straight commercial buildings that are not effecting residents. because i know how tough it is to find a comfortable affordable place after mostly 4 times in the past 3 years >> so take into account. >> you know someone from our office is here and our legislation didn't seem to impact you but if you have any questions she'll answer them from there. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please any additional public comment on item 5. come on up >> we - what seems like a building in this case it would impact us if - if we are were not able to secure the permits that would be similar to an eviction for us we took the risks by taking a building open let's try to improve the neighborhood. one year after we came back and say no chance to get things done we just took the stress back and forth
to washington to speak with the u.s. about it. in a moment we'll hear from the white house but first our report. >> welcome home demonstrations at the international airport are never spontaneous. but iranian reformists want to believe that they extracted a deal that preserves their national dignity and leaves them less isolated and takes pressure off their pockets. most sanctions imposed against iran were hitting the economy. this leads to the release of some iranian assets. i think everything will get better. >> the foreign minister is using caution to sell the deal he made in geneva. on tv he used the same word as his western counts counter parts about the commitments reversible. in the u.s. president obama is also sounding cautious but there's a tantalizing chance an agreement on the program could become something much bigger. >> if iran seizes this opportunity and joins the community and we can chip away at the mistrust that existed between our nations. >> the americans have an uphill job selling the deal to their allies in the middle east. on the other side, s
, one of the guys was using something called a xho gun, a bit of an air pistol that doesn't have ammunition. >> why was this happen sng. >> it looks like a hate crime. asheem said there was no reason. hashim asked the guy, what are you looking at? that's when things got out of hand. >> the second gunman looked like a kid, like he was in his teens. even though we get a very clear look at both their faces, they are still out looking for them. >> it's a brand new week and we have a brand new flat screen tv to give away. >> all you need is monday's buzz word and you must be 18 and a u.s. resident. >> your chance to win a 42-inch flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. ♪ >>> andrew hail is known for his awkward praer awkward pranks, hugs, kisses embarrassment. he is getting into the kindness game. helping people out. >> the new trend with internet pranksters. >> i am loving this trend. what better time for this trend than here, around the holidays. a time of giving. andrew is in pleasant grove utah at a grocery store called macy's. >> congratulations. you are our free grocery custo
duties, i shall have further meetings later today. us --m sure everyone of in this season of her membranes, we remember their service to our country. there are grave concerns about the nightmare unfolding in the banks. minister share my sense of disbelief that a person such as the reverend is responsible for such large sums of our constituents' money, would ever be appointed to the position of chairman? what can he do to find out how on earth that happen? importantnd makes an point. hold, bondsle who who are very worried about what will happen to their investment. the first priority is to safeguard this bank and make sure that it is safeguarded without using taxpayers' money. that must be the priority. my friend will be discussing with the regulators what is the appropriate form of inquiry to get to the bottom of what went wrong here. there are clearly a lot of questions that have to be answered. why was the reverend suitable to be chairman of a bank? why were alarm bells not run earlier by those who knew? it will be important in the coming days that if anyone does have informati
meteorologist ginger zee right here. >>> the secret talks between the u.s. and iran revealed tonight. the blockbuster nuclear deal this weekend. what does iran have to give up? what do they get in return? and is it worth it for america? >>> the lotto lie. the customer and the winning ticket. the store owners who police say handed him $1,000. the problem is, he'd actually won $1 million. tonight, authorities say, nice try. and we've learned, it's happened before. >>> and dancing with the stars. the usher already famous to some nba fans. but what happens when they put this 11-year-old on the jumbotron next to him? so you think you can dance? >>> good evening. great to have you with us here on a sunday night. if you look behind me tonight, a viewer sending us this from out west tonight. this is a big week for americans. more than 43 million traveling this thanksgiving. tonight, the weather map with a holiday greeting of its own. a giant storm system, record rains and snow in states like oklahoma, texas and new mexico, and if you are watching on the east coast tonight get ready, it's com
wallace. breaking news the u.s. and its allies reach a nuclear deal with iran. >> for the first time in nearly a decade we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program. >> the world powers have recognized iran's nuclear rights. >> what do israel and skeptics in congress think of the agreement? we'll get first reaction from two key members of the senate foreign relations committee, bob corker and ben cardin. then, washington gridlock intensifies with a power grab in the united states senate as republicans accuse democrats of trying to divert attention from obamacare. >> millions of americans are hurting because of a law washington democrats forced upon them. and what do they do about it? they cook up some fake fight over judges. >> we'll ask former alaska governor sarah palin whether the obamacare debacle is a tipping point for big-government solutions. plus what about those hateful comments by msnbc's martin bashir? >> everybody in life takes shots. you have a decision to make when you take a shot. >> sarah palin only on "fox news sunday." plus our power player of the week
, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, we are taking you out to the oakland coliseum and if you didn't hear what happened, it is just an incredible story of a woman jumping from one of the desk at the raiders game and just as incredible as a map talks with her >> good among, i am dave clark, steve, how is it looking? >> it looks cold and we have clear skies and we have a lot of 30s, a few 30s to go average around and spare the air kicks in tonight and we are struggling for a few, maybe a few high clouds late, there is not much of a breeze, a cold morning, hazy skies, then temperatures are mainly in the upper 50s he is special hi from morgan hill. >> steve you are looking good, it is a nice looking driven coming into san francisco, no major problems into the city no major problems as you drive on the san mateo bridge and that traffic is looking good, it are is getting a little bit slower there driving into the main part of cop correct tformed. >>> a woman is footing for her life after jumping from. deck of the raiders game. tara moriarty is here
took us a lead on tone as being the chairman of the legal social welfare foundation since his retirement from the national cheat night university welcomed the program is that we had been carefully indie kid was a pleasure like to sit happily on the progress. my star off the pope email program today by asking you to tweak what was her motivation for the meals setting up the bald hills social welfare foundation and happy retirement punch and i had to pack a day a year the get the correct hole because i stopped it. that the program and he says yep the fiery title of my speaking et-cetera i woke up at the reading is very simple and pick up a lock up full of people in our country in the case if you look at the ball up there. so called low income family thanks you will find out they didn't see it come on chris davis thinks that it's a cop all. for they had to keep it but the problem gets. dan next generation. had a stay at sunset that built its top also politely and to keep them up. this will force out what country. to go in to a vicious cycle that is that the state that now webb wi
next meeting, if you could come back to us for example with all of the stake holders, you know, out reaching and confident that they are okay with it. and give us, you know, give us a more bullet proof and this is, you know... >> yeah. >> and then we will vote on it and then by the end of the year, the director could implement this. city attorneys win, and maybe that is my change. >> go ahead. >> john, from the city attorney's office. initially, this is not a matter that the building inspection commission has any authority to enact. so you can receive all of the reports that you want from the department, but this is a decision of the director. so you can get status updates, and kind of figure out the tenor of things through that. and i also just point out, that there are various local state and federal privacy laws, that someone should the department should sort of work more thoroughly with the city attorney's office to see, you know, even though this might feel like a good policy, there might, and it might raise legal issues and i see that the city in cincinnati has something, but,
judge and former u.s. attorney for the district of northern california. >> it doesn't look good. it doesn't feel good. >> rory lit sl a professor of legal ethics at the uc hastings college of law. and a former federal prosecutor. >> both reviewed the facemasks vournding that saturday at the shooing range. >> does that raise questions about the integrity of the investigation? >> it presents issues of appearance, and it could very well lead to the ultimate conclusion that there might bf issues affecting the integrity of the investigation. >> did the sheriff make a mistake by allowing aldon smith to come to this event to shoot her weapons, to fly in her helicopter? >> based on what we know, it sounds like it's a mistake. a mistake in judgment or public perception. yeah. she probably thinks she made a mistake, too. >> at a minimum, the district attorney is probably going to look at the situation and want to talk to the sheriff's office and make sure the investigation wasn't in any way tainted. >> yofrk are i don't think it's wise or justifiable for him to be at the range firing with
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